Equipment Rentals


We now offer rentals on different types of Video, Audio, and Production equipment.We specialize in Uplighting and Sound Systems. Our goal is to make your event incredible and memorable. The way we make this happen is to have only the best gear for your events. Why pay for someone to set it up when we can show you or we can set it up for you. It’s that easy and that’s why our customers keep coming back time and time again. Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for. You never know we may have everything you are looking for and more.

Projectors & Screens

2700 Lumens

5×7 Screen

7×9 Screen

2x Projector input switch

100 foot VGA Cable



Lapel Microphone (Lav)

Headphone Microphone

Handheld Wireless

Wired Handheld

Table Top Microphone Stand

Full Length Microphone Stand

Full Length Microphone Stand with Boom

Wireless Audio Sender


Speakers & Mixers

Mixer 2 Channel

Mixer 8 Channel

Mixer 16 Channel.

Speakers with Console. Ipod Headphone Jack

4x Speakers with console, Ipod Headphone Jack

75 foot audio snake 16 channel 4 return

Direct Input Box (DI)


Lighting – Price of rental per day

19 inch LED Light Bars

169 LED Par Cans

3 Food LED bars

REVO III Lighting effect

Galaxian Red & Green Laser

Royal Galaxian Blue & Red Laser


TV’s ( Displays ) Price of rental per day

55 inch LED

42 inch LED

40 inch LCD

32 inch LCD

5-7 foot stand

All equipment offer a free set up when onsite and free delivery within 10 km of down town North Bay.